2 very interesting days with the WRC Academy teams

I have been so lucky who got the opportunity to join some of this years WRC Academy teams for two days.

Day 1. Started the day with a training session with my trainer at 6 AM. Then I took part off the WRC Academy pre-season training, with learning a lot of how a gearbox really work etc. And at the end off the day I was driving some laps with the R2 on tarmac, with Andreucci in the passenger seat, I don’t have any tarmac experience, so he learned me a lot! And I was really looking that I need some more tarmac experience, but I was getting faster and faster after getting some tricks from the four time Italian tarmac champion 🙂

Day 2. Today was the second and last day in WRC Academy pre-season training. Started the day with some presentations from some guys from Rally Travel, Pirelli & Peltor. Then it was lunch with chassis lottery for the drivers. After that we had some media training with Ann Bradshaw, she has been involved in many teams in WRC and F1. Then we got a presentation from a person from FIA Institute Academy with Sport Science, fitness and Psychology. Then we got Team building training with Keswick Adventure Centre. At the end off the day we had a really good dinner. I need to thanks M-Sport for giving me the opportunity to take part of these training days, has giving me a lot experience!